12 Easy to Implement Content Marketing Ideas

You know you need to start generating and marketing content. The question is: where to begin?

Creating fresh, new content on a regular basis isn’t exactly easy. And it’s oftentimes that exact challenge the keeps consultants from plunging into the realm of content marketing.

So if you’re ready to start creating content – but just need a little inspiration – look no further. Here’s a list of 12 easy-to-implement content marketing ideas that will help you get cracking creating content for your website or blog:

Idea #1: Talk to a Client.

Interview a client you just completed a project for. Discuss the problem they were facing, how you helped them overcome the problem, and measurable results you achieved.

Idea #2: Take a Stand.

Have you read a news article or blog post recently related to your industry that you don’t agree with? Then take a stand against it. Blog about why you disagree and what your position is instead.

Idea #3: Discuss Legislation.

Is there any new or particularly impactful legislation that has been passed or that’s coming up for a vote that could impact your clients or your industry? Talk about it. For instance, if you’re a consultant in the healthcare industry, discuss the impact Obamacare will have on your client companies and how you can help them overcome any challenges.

Idea #4: Toot Your Own Horn.

Has your consulting practice reached a milestone (such as a 10-year-anniversary) or achieved an important accomplishment (like an industry award)? Then promote it.

Idea #5: Share News.

Are you re-designing your website? Did you just start an email newsletter? Will you be speaking at an upcoming conference? Share the highlights of these projects and events.

Idea #6: Write a Book Review.

Just finished an interesting read about consulting, business, marketing, or another topic of interest? Or perhaps even a fiction novel that offers important lessons for your clients? Then write about it.

Idea #7: Advertise Your Civic Activities.

Are you an active supporter of a local charity or non-profit organization? Post about it. You can also write up a formal press release and send it out to your local media outlets, in addition to posting information on your blog and in the News section of your website.

Idea #8: Review Events.

Did you just get back from attending an important conference or event? Discuss the key takeaways you got from it, trends you see in the industry, and how it all impacts your clients.

Idea #9: Answer Questions.

Answer questions or address concerns that you commonly hear voiced by clients – whether you want to pick one question per post, or create a Q&A style format revolving around a particular topic.

Idea #10: Talk About Trends.

Establish yourself as a thought leader by developing insightful articles about future trends you see coming down the pike in your industry and/or for your clients. If you wind up being right (or even wrong), you can write about that too.

Idea #11: Discuss Common Industry Myths.

Write about common misperceptions about your particular industry or even just about being a consultant. Dispel them with specific examples from your experience.

Idea #12: Use a Quote as Inspiration.

Do you like a particular quote that’s somehow relevant to your business? Share it and discuss why it inspires you and what you learned from it.

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