5 Job-Boosting Skills

Are you among the job seekers or current worker desiring to change your present job and you are still holding on to just one skills. You are simply at a risk. Today's digital era requires every youth to be very skillful in several ares especially in information Technology. You don't have to become a computer wizard or guru. But you can learn basic computer skills especially if you are in the non-information technology sector.

This article looks at some skills you can acquire to boost your chances of getting employed or upgrading your present job position.

1. Learn the basics of graphic design:

Becoming a Graphic designer can be an interesting career to pick up. But it takes a lot to be a graphic designer. To become skillful in the art of Graphic designs. You are expected to learn basic Graphic design skills such as coloring, Some of the tools you can use include Photoshop, corel draw. There are also online platforms that makes it easy for non-IT people. sites such as canva.com, postermywall.com gives you enormous templates to start up with. You can engage online classes to learn more at no cost.

2. Learn a new language

We have several jobs that sometimes interface with several people of different cultures and races. Becoming a linguist in such an office can give uplift your position. Same with any job seeker. When you can add a new language to your resume, you become an indispensable asset to the company when employed. Your been able to speak several languages distinguishes your from other candidates. Yes, learning a new language is not easy as it might take more than a month to become fluent, but learning the basics of a new language has many benefits to your job. If you have an interest in a foreign language, you can increase your linguistic prowess in just a matter of months.

3. Learn basics of professional photography

In the world of digital media and social media. Photography remains the king. Been able to play with images couldn’t be more important than now. Every online site needs a good touch of a good photographer. To get started. there are plenty of great sites for beginners, with video-lessons, tutorials that will teach you the basics of professional photography. Give it a trial today.

 4. Learn public speaking

In world of business, education and politics, speaking effectively is a must. Knowing how to speak effectively in the public is a skill that anyone can learn regardless of your speech impediment. You can take an online course. there are plenty of such on the web, for every beginner. Example of such courses is Coursera’s free “Introduction to Public Speaking” online class. You can also improve your speaking skills through experience gathered in your place of work or associations. Some expect recommend you recording yourself speaking on random topics and watching the videotapes over and over. Though this might be a little uncomfortable at first, but eventually you will be glad you did after been able to face your fear while giving a presentation in front of a crowd.

5. Learn how to Code A Basic Website

Becoming a skilled website developer can take a long time to become, but you can start learning basic web design in a few hours. You necessary don't don't need to be a programmer. You can design simple sites using WYSIWYG an acronym for "What you see is what you get" platforms. There are several online sites that makes it easy to design a website, blog. Platforms such as wix, wordpress, weebly etc. provide a good source for beginners. You can also take few lessons from 'Codecademy', 'w3schools', or 'Coursera' for free. Not only are their lessons short, but you’ll also feel happy each time you successfully complete one lesson. They offer free lessons to anyone hoping to learn websites ranging from HTML to CSS to Javascript. Give it a trial today.

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