7 Job-Hunting Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

In an era were available jobs are low compared to the huge level of unemployed persons. Job searching can sometimes make anyone feel negative and depressing. We all would love to apply for a job and be among the lucky ones to be shortlisted. But many at times we are unlucky to be among the few shortlisted. Making the right impression during an interview matters a lot. What are those factors that can cost you that job. This post addresses such issues.

1. Lack of Preparation : Many job searchers sometimes make the mistake of applying for a job without making the necessary preparation required for the job. So when they get called for an interview especially the oral interview. They fumble simply because they were not prepared. Avoid this like a PLAGUE.

2. Lack of job focus: There are occasions when it seems possible you're doing not quite what you've really would loved to have done. If you have a desire to try out a new career - it might not be the wrong time to give it a shot. First and foremost you need to set your goal and strive for it. be determined, and be specific about your end goals. Secondly, If you want to be successful at your desired job you have to love it. And any hiring manager knows it. Be FOCUSED.

3.  Poorly Resume Formatting: There is nothing that can be very depressing for any employer to find a job seeker whose resume is poorly organized. It puts them off. As a job seeker, You have it in mind that it is not the purview of the employer to correct your mistakes. A poor resume is a perfect example of a bad employee and no employer will make such mistake employing such a candidate.

Therefore before you submit that resume. Have a RECHECK of your resume before you mail it.

4. Begging for a job - This is possibly one of the greatest sins of Job recruitment. Applying for a job and begging to be employed. Anyway who knows his or her onions need not make for a job, A job that is meant for you will surely be for you regardless of how you struggle. Always ensure you are grounded in that position you are applying for. If you are able to put up a good performance, there is no reason why the employer should not consider you for the job. Just don't go BEGGING for the job. Do your own bit.

5. Giving up easily- This perhaps is the greatest problems for most job seekers. Job seekers after applying for a job expect to be called as soon as possible regardless of the process involved in the recruitment by the company. In such cases they give up. It is only the determined ones who don't give up no matter what they go through that eventually secure their dream jobs.

6. Been updated of happenings - It is enough to apply for a job opening without having an idea what the company you are applying for does. It is essential you update yourself about the company coupled with the current affairs of the country. There have been cases where the interviewer springs up unexpected questions at the candidate. Understanding your career is key but also understanding the company and the current affairs in the country is paramount.

7. God Factor - Yes, Prayers also plays a lot while searching for a job. Considering the fact that there are thousands of job seekers who in many cases also posses the same level of intelligence and skills you may posses. It is not out of place that you supplement your job search and efforts with prayers.

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