Biggest Lessons You Should Learn in the Corporate World
  1. Nobody cares about what you think you deserve.
  2. Putting in more work than the others will do you no good. You will raise expectations and stress yourself out to meet the new standards you set for yourself.
  3. That said, you could put in all the work you want and still not be acknowledged (-> #1).
  4. Stay away from your co-workers in your free time. Avoid getting personal. No one wants good for you, especially the people competing with you for money. Friendship ends where business begins.
  5. Don’t suggest improving on dumbshit processes and procedures. What if someone working with you put those in place? Ask yourself if you really care enough to make a fuss about it. Chances are you will go into meetings to discuss meetings to discuss more meetings to discuss other meetings…. accept it.
  6. Don’t think you’re irreplaceable. Yes, you’re doing a great job. But everyone is replaceable. No one will remember your name about a week after you’re gone.
  7. Don’t chase promotions and pay rises. Focus on minimizing your costs. No one can do you any harm with low costs and enough in savings. Chasing money will not get you anywhere. Seriously.
  8. It’s a dog-eat-dog society. There’s always a winner and always a loser.
  9. When you are content with your personal life and have developed your own hobbies for a long time, you will not care about things that don’t matter.
  10. In the grand scheme of things as long as you get the bare minimum done, you will be fine. Reduce all the stressors coming with corporate work.
  11. Stress is a toxin. It will kill you slowly if you do not choose your priorities.

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