Top sources of learning new skills

There are several ways one can get updated with the latest information as regards to any skills you desire online. We present some of the best source of information

1. Youtube: regarded as the Google of videos online. This powerful site offers several learning videos for any class of subjects. You can find Do-it-yourself videos helping you learn any skills of your choice. Little wonder it is the second most visited website

2. Google: Ever since the Search engine came into the internet space. Life for students and Teachers became fun and interesting. You can search any information you desire on the platform. If you can't find any information on this powerful search engine. I am afraid you cannot find elsewhere. It is not surprising that it is seen as the visited website in the world.

3. Quora: The question and answer site is another social media platform which allows regular people around the world to ask any questions on any subject and get answers from registered members. be informed that the answers sometimes might be inaccurate. But that does not take away the usefulness of the site for students and those wishing to upgrade their skills and knowledge

4. Facebook: Besides being a social media platform. The platform has become a great source of learning for several people. Virtual every learning platform has a social media which includes Facebook were they extent learning resources for people to learn. So next time you visit the platform to network with friends. Just have it at the back of your mind that you can have access o learning materials. Join a Page or group that offers learning resources.

5. Coursea: Regarded as one of the best free online site to acquire skills online with an online certificate issued to you at the end of your learning. The platform is the equivalent of Udemy, Udacity. etc. Enroll for one of their courses and be glad you did

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